PSP Ep17: Todd Hodnett From Accuracy 1st

Todd Hodnett is one of the leading Long Range Trainers in the world, and spends his time training military snipers. He is a passionate long range target shooter and hunter, and has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of long range shooting.

His involvement with DVDs such as The Art of the Precision Rifle, and Long Range Made Easy have put his techniques and ideas into the hands of the hobbyist shooters who continue to push themselves further in ability.

Rusty sat down with Todd for a discussion on Long Range shooting and to ask some questions and advice.

Massive thanks to the guys who made this happen. You know who you are, and we are so appreciative of it.

You can check out the DVDs and Accuracy 1st products at Huntsman Firearms.

Huge thanks to Impact Dynamics for sponsoring this episode, and for footing the bill to get Rusty to Sydney to record it.

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