PSP Ep55: Vortex Cold Steel Open Wrap Up Part 1

Rusty is joined by Nik Halliwell (15th) of Ignition Custom Engineering, Greg Small from the PRS Australia, as well as production competitors Andrew Stevens (1st) and Sean McNally (4th) for a wrap up of the first PRS event in Australia, the 2017 Vortex Cold Steel Open.

With a break down of the stages as well as a look at the event overall, the guys went through the event from their various viewpoints.

Rusty was an RO, as well as director of the PRS Australia. Greg was the Match Director of the event, as well as being a director for PRS Australia as well. Nik was a sponsor and Open division competitor and has competed in this style of shooting on a number of occasions. Andrew was shooting his first PRS style match, but has shoot competitions previous, and Sean was completely fresh to competitions.

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