Meet the Lads


Rusty has been shooting since he was a lad. In the last 10 years his interest in the long range world has grown significantly.  He is currently the head trainer for Impact Dynamics, Co-Director of the Precision Rifle Series Australia, and runs Projectile Warehouse. His passion lies in both long range hunting and precision rifle shooting. He loves to see new shooters get involved in the sport. He spends most of his time behind a .260 (or his .223 trainer) but hunts more with a .338 Lapua. Its not uncommon to find him behind a .22 though, pushing his limits and getting some trigger time.



Andrew has been around rifles all of his life. From growing up in the country, to years in the military, he has spent his fair share of time shooting. His huge back ground in gunsmithing gives him a unique perspective on the sport, particularly from the technical aspect. His understanding of how everything goes together and what affects the accuracy of a rifle is a major contributor to the team. Andrew loves to get behind the rifle for extreme long range shooting, preferring the .300 win mag over many other options. His current goal is to take a rabbit at over a mile.




Greg’s venture into precision rifle shooting is fairly recent, though his experience behind a rifle is quite significant. A veteran of nearly 20 years of service, combined with a life long love of hunting, has seen Greg put plenty of rounds down range. A regular competitor in the military shooting competitions gave him an excellent understanding of the competition world. Greg is a hunter by nature, and has been exploring the precision rifle world to continue to add to his repertoire of hunting options. His recent interest in thermal optics is part of a self professed ‘love of gadgets’ that seems to know now bounds. A lover of the 6mm, Greg regularly is behind his .243 and now his 6×47 Lapua when pushing the ranges. Greg also appears on the Huntin HQ Podcast.